Body Infrared Thermometer DT-8806S

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Housing color: Blue
Precise non-contact forehead temperature measurements
Selectable ºC or ºF & forehead heat detection
Selectable Body and Surface temperature
Set alarm value and sound alarm
Memorization of the last 32 measurements
Automatic Data Hold & Auto power off
Automatic selection range
Display Resolution 0.1ºC (0.1ºF)
Backlight LCD display
Bluetooth & Cloud server


Range (body mode): 32.0ºC to 42.5ºC/89.6ºF to 108.5ºF
Range (Surface mode): 0ºC to 60ºC/32ºF to 140ºF
Resolution: 0.1ºC/0.1ºF
Basic accuracy ASTM E1965-1998 (2003):32 to 35.9ºC/93.2 to 96.6ºF (±0.3ºC/±0.5ºF)
36 to 39ºC/96.8 to 96.6 to 102.2ºF (±0.2ºC/±0.4ºF)
39 to 42.5ºC/102.2 to 108.5ºF (±0.3ºC/±0.5ºF)
Measuring distance: 5-15cm
Response time:0.5 second