Thermal Imager DT-980Y

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Imported focal plane sensor resolution: 80x80
Infrared lens: Focal length: 9mm
Field of view: 17x17 °
Aperture: F1.0
IFOV: 3.78mrad
Material: Germanium
Visible light camera resolution: 5 million
Display resolution: 2.8 inches, 240x320
Screening temperature range: 32 ~ 42 ℃
Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃
Test area: 1 meter Distance: 35cmx35cm
2 meters distance: 70cmx70cm
Full field high temperature tracking: red cross mark
High temperature alarm value can be set: default 37.3 ℃
High temperature alarm sound: Yes
High temperature color alarm: Yes
External display: HDMI HD output
Video: Yes
Taking photos: Yes
wifi: none
SD card: Yes